Sean Brinkley

Summary Edit

Sean Brinkley is the headstrong, no-nonsense CEO of Chicago 24, the tiny news channel that speaks only the truth, 24/7, and also the place of employment for Ansgar Forsberg up until the events of Heroes I. He hates lies, and prides himself on never telling one.

He's not a perfect role model, however. He is prone to swearing - though, in the Heroes Universe, who isn't?

Brinkley refuses to take sponsors or tell a story subjectively. He also refuses to censor his news channel. In the words of the 2008s hit videogame Fallout 3's radio announcer Three Dog, "bringing you the truth, no matter how bad it hurts."

Biography Edit

During Heroes I Edit

When Heroes I starts, Brinkley is up to his usual goings-on of taking the latest story, scanning it for holes and lies, doing extensive research, and making a news story of it with what he considers the best, most objective, least subjective, and most truthful take of it. Suddenly, the three heroes who escaped from Beige Towers are dropped on his doorstep by his more-trouble-than-she's-worth chief journalist, Alice, who tazed the three heroes as they were hiding out in one of Marc Lisa's safehouses. There is then an incident where Nathaniel Novak, Chicago's resident schizophrenic, psychopathic, telepathic lightning demi-god had an outburst, and Beige was alerted of the escapee's presence. Brinkley sends the heroes to one of his own safehouses, and then is taken into custody by Beige, and the building raided. Ansgar Forsberg escaped this by following the heroes. Heroes I ends with no known location on Brinkley - though, before Marc betrayed the Atlanteans, he pointed out Brinkley was on floor 42 of Tower 3 of Beige Towers, before he activated the incineration process. Floor 42, however, was nonexistent, so it is unclear whether or not Brinkley is alive.

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