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Summary Edit

Heroes I is the RP story encompassing the events from the death of an Atlantean and the simultaneous escape of heroes from three different villains' clutches, all the way to the Siege of Smog Towers and some few happenings afterward.

Cast - Players Edit

Burger Warrior as Polly Weitz, AKA Gigakeita! the giantess Edit

Polly Weitz is the somewhat timid, 16-year-old German girl who gained her powers (something she was very much against) after Nuke detonated a city block. STATUS: Vigilante

ReaperMan290 as Nathaniel Novak, AKA Vigil! the insane one Edit

Nathaniel Novak is the schizophrenic telepath of the Atlanteans. He escaped form Beige Towers along with Felicia Cutter and Marc Lisa, and he also gained lightning powers from a discharge of electricity following the sudden death of Nathan Castellan. STATUS: Deceased

Doctor Grant as Felicia Cutter, AKA Velocia! the human dinosaur Edit

Felicia Cutter is the snarky, jerkish young lady who can transform into a were-dinosaur. She never really liked anybody. STATUS: Deceased

V. Metalic as Kira Dietrich, AKA Nighcobra! the athlete with really good eyesight Edit

Kira Dietrich is the daughter of Karlheinz Dietrich and sister to Sepp Dietrich. She has several different types of ocular powers, and is a former Olympic athlete. STATUS: Missing In Action

GhostlyCheese as Ashton Ishida, AKA White Owl! the cocky nocturnal fellow Edit

Ashton Ishida, usually called Ash, is the comic-book-and-videogame-loving nerd of the team, and infatuated with Polly. STATUS: Deceased

Hurricane as Marc Lisa, AKA Haze! the deniable asset Edit

Marc Lisa is the jealous, power-hungry deniable asset who betrayed the Atlanteans during the Siege. STATUS: Villain

DragonJedi as Nathan Castellan, AKA Static! the electric British dude Edit

Nathan Castellan was a vigilante captured by Beige. STATUS: Deceased

Neyo Wargear as Ansgar Forsberg, AKA Drawster! the veteran-turned-artist Edit

Ansgar Forsberg was a soldier in the US military until he was discharged for stealing an advanced 3D printer. He also has a shark-deer hybrid made by Beige he calls Silextrite. At the end of Heroes I, he gains a whole new litter of the things, and names four of them after his deceased friends. STATUS: Atlantean

Cast - NPCs Edit

Issue I Edit

Heroes Issue 1

the cover for the first issue

Issue I is the opening chapter of Heroes I, from the beginning of the story til just before the first appearance of Helltroopers.

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