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In the mind of a nine year old, an idea blossomed. One of superheroes and villains, with a whole futuristic world as their canvas.

The idea was terrible.

The years passed, the nine year old became 15. He decided to run a roleplay with some good folks over on the Saber-Scorpion's Lair Forums, with the same superhero idea.

Only this time, it was a good idea.

Since that roleplay started, the universe of Heroes has grown exponentially, far beyond my original conceptions, and I couldn't have done it without those fantastic peeps on the forums.


Heroes is a wonderful roleplay hosted on the aforementioned forums. It ran for over a year, and we had some fantastic times. Along the way, the tiny idea of the Heroes universe became a huge, huge idea contributed to by many people. Bigger than I ever hoped. What was a bland, modern superhero world with little distinction from Marvel or DC, became a unique, diverse, interesting, futuristic superhero world vastly different from Marvel and DC.

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The cover for the first RP

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