Dr beige

Dr. Beige

Summary Edit

Dr. Beige is the CEO of Beige Genetics and one of the three primary villains of the Heroes universe. He is sadistic, maniacal, and his intentions are unknown - arguably the most terrifying aspect of him.

When he appears, he's usual spouting some Shakespearean monologue, striking the hearts of his victims with fear paramount. He seems to show no remorse, and yet the public loves him, as he has been the cause of hundreds of technological, genetic and medical advances since his company's conception in 2013.

He is a terrifying man with an obsession for the color beige, an honest tongue, and a black heart.

Biography Edit

Beige chose to lead a private life kept free from the cameras of the press. It is known he has a wife and two children. Other than that, near all of his life that doesn't include his activities related to Beige Genetics are entirely unknown. It is not even known for sure that "Beige" is his real name.

During Heroes I Edit

When Heroes I starts, Beige is monologuing to the different supers (and soon to be victims) in Beige Towers, going though his normal daily routine of being given a checklist of new arrivals, going to their chambers and informing them of how they're going to be changed. When the heroes escape, so does Felicia, also known as Velocia, the jerkish teenage were-dinosaur with a vendetta for him. He is terrified (who wouldn't be) and goes running. Marc Lisa, a nonexistent US supersoldier, believing Beige to just be another scientist here to give him upgrades, protects Beige and tries to help him escape from the towers. Beige betrays Marc and leaves on his own, leaving the three heroes, Marc Lisa, Nathaniel Novak and Felicia Cutter, to fend for themselves.

After the incident at Beige Towers, Beige releases a statement to the public that the whole firefight was a hologram advertisement for a new movie he's making. The entire event costs him millions to cover-up, and more millions to create hologram technology (now that he'd stated it existed) and more millions to create a new movie.

Later, an electric surge is reported at the Chicago 24 newsbuilding, and Beige concludes that it's Nathaniel Novak not able to control his newly gained powers. He has his security teams raid the building and arrest Sean Brinkley, but the heroes have escaped once again.

By the end of the Heroes I, Beige Towers is besieged by an army of 300 Helltroopers sent by Sepp Dietrich to wipe out his operation in the most chaotic, public way possible. The heroes join the fight, hoping to, while saving civilians from the Helltroopers, capture Beige and expose him to the public. They fail to do so, as Marc Lisa betrays the Atlanteans and helps Beige escape. Beige, just before escaping in his helijet with Marc, kills Felicia with a chaingun.

Heroes I concludes with Beige making a public statement revealing that his hologram advertisement was a lie, and was, in fact, real, and that the heroes had "attacked" his compound. He goes on to say that there was a misunderstanding, and the heroes were trying to help him*. This turns the public back to a friendly disposition with the Heroes, as Beige is hugely popular and his word is treated as fact. This somewhat rectifies the damage Markus Ragnarsson did before the Siege.

*He was, originally, intending to continue turning the public against the heroes, as they were causing no small amount of trouble for him, but a visit by the mysterious ghoulish man changed his mind, reminding him of his notes, and how he "needs the heroes."

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