“You know what this world’s problem is, Lexi? Morality. There isn’t any. There’s no right or wrong anymore. Somewhere along the line, everybody got stupid. So fucking stupid. This stupid, stupid world lost sight of morality. Everything’s a gray area. I intend to change that. We’re gonna take down those monsters. We’re gonna do the right thing."

~ Daniel Knight to Alexis Sunday on April 8th, 2033, while attending the funeral of their fallen comrade.

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Daniel Knight is the steel-hearted, ruthless leader of the Atlanteans and head of the Chicago Five. He has an almost vindictive hatred for villains, and will stop at nothing to do whatever it takes to take down Beige and whatever other villains scheme to destroy the world. He feels that he is one of the few people that recognizes the heartless, immoral wreck the world is, and he strives to make it a better place.

The only problem is that he doesn't seem to realize that the way he goes about doing this (punching things) isn't fixing the problem.

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