Summary Edit

Beige towers

Beige Towers

Beige Towers, widely known to the public of Chicago as "Smog Towers," due to the smokestacks rising from the compound, is a series of six towers serving as the headquarters of Beige Genetics, company of the villain Dr. Beige and a front for conducting his evil experiments.

Beige Towers also serves (secretly) as a prison for 30,000 prisoners that Beige conducts experiments on daily.

Within the walls of these towers scream 30,000 prisoners; no-names and nobodies kidnapped from around the world, each now the subject of Beige’s twisted experiments. Changing and distorting them, Beige’s experiments turn them into monsters of varying types: Genetically-modified teenagers changed into human-dinosaur-hybrids, so drastically altered one could scarcely tell the difference between them and their prior selves. Superpowered supersoldiers brainwashed into believing they work for the greater good. Cybernetically-altered men practically entirely robotic and capable of shutting down entire city blocks. These are the monstrosities and abominations Beige cooks up in his lab.

Beige's reasoning for all this is unclear.

During Heroes I Edit

The events of Heroes I kick off with three of Beige's experiments going rogue - namely, Felicia Cutter, Nathaniel Novak and Marc Lisa - this results in a firefight at the towers, and burning a several million dollar wide hole in his bank account. When the public is rightly questioning of this, Beige covers it up with a story saying it was all a massive hologram show to rack up hype for a movie his company is sponsoring, one where an alternate-history version of his company is evil, and he is a villain (a somewhat meta move). This results in more millions of dollars of his being lost as he begins production on an entire movie as well as creating hologram technology.

While he recovered from these events, the heroes had their fun.

Heroes I concludes with a climactic fight involving Beige Towers. Sepp Dietrich and his army of 300 Helltroopers invade the compound with the intent of obliterating Beige's research - a traitorous move on Sepp's part. The Atlanteans catch wind of this and join the fight, with the intent of catching Beige, saving civilians, and getting concrete evidence on Beige to expose him to the public as the villain he is. Most of the complex is leveled in the process, Gigakeita crushing several buildings and, in the attempt to climb up a tower (twice), tearing large chunks out of it. In the chaos, the traitorous Marc Lisa destroys the data archives of the complex, ruining any chance of getting evidence for the heroes, and activates the incineration defense within all towers, wiping his experiments and any paper documentation. This leaves Beige Towers in ruins, but gives Marc enough leverage to bargain his way into partnership with Beige, as he had just saved his public reputation. After a showdown with Velocia and Novak, Velocia is killed and Marc and Beige escape in his helijet.

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