"Polly, this isn't over. We're far, far from over. This chapter has ended, but the next has just begun. We have scores to settle, people to save, people to bury, people to mourn, and people to retrieve. It's not over, it never is. Good and evil don't rest, so neither shall we. We've got to pick up the pieces, and put everything back together as best we can." 

~ Ansgar Forsberg


Ansgar Forsberg is a newspaper artist turned vigilante. Owner and beastmaster of hybrid animals known as a 'Silextrite'. He and his 'pet' joined the Atlanteans a third into Heroes I.

Biography Edit

Ansgar was born into an interracial family at Vista Medical Center in Waukegan, IL on February 10th, 2012 to Austin and Imelda Forsberg. Austin was a computer technician and hobbyist shieldmaker while Imelda was a Family Nurse Practitioner.

Ansgar's father was born in the US while his mother had immigrated to the US for her job.

Growing up, Ansgar took an interest into drawing and tanks. His parents watched his skills progress over the years as he excelled in the arts. They took him to various military museums to increase his knowledge and pique curiosity. Even while young, Ansgar would spend hours reading about the history of the US armed forces. He would also sit and draw the various planes, boats, and armored vehicles best he could. Safe to say, Ansgar's life was amazing.

Until it all changed.

It was February 10th, 2022, Ansgar's 10th birthday. His family were taking him to a nearby military museum. A surprise gift waited him there, a ride in a tank itself, but the family of three never arrived. While going through an intersection, the car they were riding in was t-boned by a person texting while driving. Ansgar's father was killed on impact, while his mother was badly injured. Ansgar's head was thrown violently and slammed into the window of the passenger door resulting in his skull being shattered. His mother gave him life saving care and soothed her child as she ignored her own wounds. When the paramedics arrived, Ansgar's mother was on her last leg. She told the paramedics the injuries of her son, and she died as she watched her little boy was flown by Flight for Life to the nearest hospital.

Ansgar's skull had been fragmented from the high speed accident, and surgeons raced to save his life. The easiest and fastest way to mend his skull was by using a metal plate. The metal was bent and molded to replicate a human's skull. After various surgeries, Ansgar left the hospital to a world of unknowns.

Orphaned at the tender age of 10, Ansgar was juggled through foster homes due to his emotional problems. No one was willing to adopt or foster a child that seemed so impossibly sad. He carried a world of pain, sadness, and anger. Alone, Ansgar believed himself the reason for his parents' deaths. Being such a lonely child, Ansgar didn't make friends, and he was alone for a long time.

One day, Ansgar was outside in an alley curled up against the wall of the orphanage. He was crying as that fateful day he lost his parents ran through his head vividly. His head picked up to a noise behind a dumpster. The noise continued and with the curiosity of a young child, Ansgar approached the noise. It originated from behind a dumpster, and the orphan cautiously peeked around the corner.

A freak of nature was trying to rip apart a garbage bag to get at the food within. The animal was the size of a puppy, but not a dog. It had the head, tail, and dorsal fin of a winghead shark, antlers of a deer, and legs of a wolf. Creeping up, Ansgar reached his hand out to the creature. Sensing another being, the creature backed away, deeper into the gap between the wall and the dumpster. It barred it's rows of teeth, and Ansgar instead reached for the garbage bag and pulled it close. The 10 year old opened the plastic bag and offered it a bone. The abomination took it eagerly, and chewed it aggressively. Moving the bag away and setting it up against the side of the dumpster, Ansgar moved closer to the creature and petted it while it chewed on the bone. The creature froze, and looked back at Ansgar. It stared at him, and Ansgar was unsure what to do, but it returned it's attention to the bone. The boy continued to pet the thing again, this time without incident.

Ansgar did this for many years. He took care of the creature and kept it fed and hydrated. He kept it a secret from all the other children for many years. Ansgar spent most of his free time in an alley watching the creature. He drew the creature many times in his sketchbook and everyone thought it was just a figment of his imagination. Ansgar named the creature a 'Silextrite', 'silex' being sharp in Latin and 'trite' was just a cool ending. Silextrite was Ansgar's only friend until he graduated from high school in 2030.

Ansgar had hoped to go to a local college and network to try and get a design job at a local defense company. The recent high school graduate had nothing more than a high school diploma and having outgrown the foster system, Ansgar decided to enlist in the US Army. After boot camp, he became a tanker and was a part of the 14th Armored Division.

It was the year 2031 and Ansgar was to be deployed to Syria after it had crumbled due to the many civil wars. Primarily a peacekeeping mission, the 14th Armored Division was to patrol and safeguard the remains of the country. Ansgar was a Staff Sergeant and tank commander of his crew. His driver was Private First Class Preston Webber. Corporal William Johnson was the loader, and Sergeant LeRoyce Pearson the gunner. Their tank was a M1A4 Abrams nicknamed 'Plank'.

It was July 16th, 2031, 23:52. The crew had dismounted and checking a building. They heard engines in the distance, an A-10 Thunderbolt III. The aircraft was coming in hot and seemed to be inbound for a strafing run. Sgt. Pearson had climbed onto the turret roof of the tank and tried to hail the pilot to abort. Try and try Pearson did, it was all for naught. The strike aircraft's main gun shredded Pearson and tank alike. The gunner disappeared before the crew's eyes. The rounds shredded the vulnerable roof and caused the ammo to detonate. Blown into the building, Ansgar woke up minutes later with his ears ringing and rubble all around. The tank commander searched for Cpl. Johnson, he was already in the building when the tank detonated. Ansgar found him buried beneath rubble, a puddle of blood surrounded him. Next, Ansgar searched for the last man, PFC Webber. He had died, his face pale and bloodied, with eyes clouded over. Ansgar wasn't much older than the others, but Webber was the youngest brother of the group. His death hit Ansgar the hardest.

After the friendly fire incident, SSG Forsberg walked back to his headquarters. After the briefing, Ansgar was lost. This was the second time he had lost a family. His fellow crew members was the closest he had to a family since he was 10. Something deep within the Staff Sergeant changed as he lay in his cot staring at the ceiling of the barracks. Angry and saddened, the soldier went somewhere he shouldn't. He saw something he shouldn't have. He took something he shouldn't have and nearly killed a man. The US military had been working on a small, tough, and incredibly efficient 3D printer to be used in the field for ammo creation.

Dishonorably discharged from the US Army, Ansgar went back stateside. He ended up in a place he hated, Chicago. There he reconnected with Silextrite in the alleys just like when he was ten. In his small apartment, Ansgar would draw and play with Silextrite as he readjusted to civilian life. With the stolen 3D printer, the veteran designed and printed a pullpop automatic rifle that fired the .30-06 Springfield round. He called it the SAR-12M. Later, he found a great job, a cover artist at Chicago 24. A news company that strove to report only the truth.

Even after being dishonorably discharged from the military, Ansgar still felt a duty to help others. At night, he put on a black balaclava, googles, and white shemagh to become 'Drawster', a lethal hero that tried to clean up the streets of Chicago. Many a thug was wounded or killed by Drawster and his pet, Silextrite.

Ansgar didn't become a full time hero until a trio of other supers wound up in Mr. Brinkley's office. The artist walked in a meeting he was never supposed to be a part of.

Again, Ansgar's life would never be the same again.

During Heroes I Edit

Ansgar was sitting at his desk, he was to draw the newest cover for Chicago 24. The hottest topic was the devastation found at Beige Towers. Pencil to paper, the cover took shape. Ansgar's hands rushed across the paper as objects took shape. Details were added to pull everything together. Having finished, the artist decided to go to Mr. Brinkley's office to see if his newest cover would be acceptable.

Ansgar wasn't ready for what he saw in his boss' office.Two men and a young women. They were bloodied, groggy, and not happy. One didn't even have a shirt. Ansgar's boss, Mr. Brinkley, tried to work with the trio, but that didn't last long. The man without a shirt decided to throw a chair at Ansgar, but the women wasn't having it. She grabbed the chair out of the air and threw it at the opposite wall. Ansgar had instinctively ducked behind the desk of Mr. Brinkley and was quietly assembling his SAR-12M automatic rifle.

With the weapon assembled, Ansgar set his sights on the women, who was now on top of the half naked man. The other man, was strangely quiet, but decided to dig into the memories of Ansgar and reveal his deepest, darkest secrets. The strange man got up into Ansgar's face and asked what a 'Silextrite' was.

Keeping his gun on target, Ansgar got out his sketchbook to show the odd man what a Silextrite was. The tension was lessened when the women decided to speak. She told Mr. Brinkley who they were and what they could do, partially.

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